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Camille was gifted from birth with facial paralysis and visionary insight.


Dancer, choreographer, counselor, community activist, florist, non-violence trainer, consensus facilitator and paid political organizer.


Twenty-three years ago she was on the way to law school to be a legitimate troublemaker in the middle of the system when she met her Beloved Teacher, Oriel.


He told her she was extremely gifted but her gifts were blocked due to her judgment, rage and deep pain over the plight of the world. She was using only one one-hundredth of what God had bestowed on her.


If she jumped through the fiery hoop of healing, all her gifts would come from love and be limitless. She said yes. She saw this would be the fulfillment of her prayer to God, to be allowed to heal the pain of the world with her love.


With her relentless dedication and her Teacherís guidance and love, she has been ignited as a spiritual teacher.


Drawing from her abilities as visionary channel, healer and medical intuitive she works on behalf of our planet and all those in need and continues to be brought to a place of willingness, gratitude and compassion for all beings.

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