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Camille Copeland is an extraordinary woman with such a deep sense of love and dedication to everyone she works with. From the first meeting I had with her 9 years ago she has continuously amazed me with her intuitive gifts, her incredible intelligence and her never ending generosity. My life changed forever from knowing her and working with her. I am so grateful to this beautiful woman.


Allison Massari,


Camille has the ability to see deeply into what is true and important. She can see who you really are and her input can help you live more aligned with that truth.


Dr. Joan Levy,


Camille has worked with me personally as a life-coach/spiritual teacher for over eight years. She is extremely gifted with an uncanny ability to suggest and coach people to drastically improve their lives. Her sessions are invaluable in this regard but are also fun and enjoyable. I recommend her whole heartedly to anyone who wants to become a more solid, spiritually grounded and better human being!”


Phil Jones,


Camille has been hugely instrumental in my personal and business growth. I have used her phenomenal counsel  for years and each time she gives me clear and innovative solutions to what I am seeking, and more! Her intuitive gifts and visionary channeling abilities are truly remarkable and outstanding.


Rachael Angelese,


"I have worked with and been friends with Camille for 23 years. Her passion for her work in unrivaled! She is full of life, clarity, love, commitment and laughter! I highly recommend her as a teacher, a guide and a visionary channel!"


Sivan Garr,


Everyone has moments when life offers situations of uncertainty and dilemma. That's when I turn to Camille for insightful, intuitive, no nonsense guidance. If you want your advice sugar coated, call your acquaintances. If you are ready to hear the truth and are coachable, call Camille.


Dr. David Dinner DDS,


Camille and I have worked together for over 18 years. She is a gifted medical intuitive and an impressive spiritual teacher. Her work spans many areas but the most wonderful thing is her ability to help you get right to the point of what is bothering you. She does this with humor and compassion making it really delightful to work with her.


Dr Shiroko Sokitch MD


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